Norwayne Boxing Gym takes at-risk kids and transforms them into winning athletes. But first and foremost it shapes them into well-rounded citizens and students who are more prepared for life and expect to achieve. They are kids who may never throw a punch or face a contender, but who have learned the discipline, the drive, the confidence and the work ethic it takes to win in life. The same qualities it takes to win in the ring. 

The Four Corners of Achievement  


Kids will leave in better physical shape than when they came in. They may never box competitively or even fight but the training they will get through a variety of athletic programs will build his physical and mental strength, confidence, and demonstrate that hard work pays off. 


Kids will leave with marketable technical skills they didn’t have when they came in. Technical skills are in demand and will be in demand for the foreseeable future. Everyone attends KOde It™ computer coding classes to learn this valuable skill. Plus we offer tutoring. And we place kids in internships that can lead to employment and even college. 


Kids will leave with a stronger character than when they came in. Through weekly community service projects kids take back their neighborhood and learn everyone can make a difference, everyone can have impact. 


Kids will leave knowing that there are adults who believe in them and who are holding them accountable to achievement. Athletic training instills discipline and weekly Kick It with Coach Wade™ sessions provide a safe place to talk about and deal with issues, challenges and the real-life stuff kids face.

Together, We Can Help Kids Live Their Dreams

Norwayne Boxing Gym is the youth development program that prepares kids from the street to win the fight for their dreams, in the boxing ring known as the real world. All kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up. Let’s let them dream, and then help them achieve that dream.

What's It Cost for Kids to Join Norwayne Boxing Gym?

The membership fees for kids to join Norwayne Boxing Gym are fully sponsored by our generous donors. Everything is paid including tournament travel and transportation, competition entry fees, training gear, trainers, academic tutors, teachers, and time at the gym. There is no cost to kids and their families.