The Zone is where Norwayne Boxing Gym happens. It's life in the ring and outside of it too. 

Coach Wade Words

“I know you’re going through something. I’m your man. I gotcha’. We’re together.” 

“You don’t have to come to me when you’re in trouble. Come to me before it happens. Let’s make habits so it don’t happen.”

Kickin’ it is being able to tell anything and everything, telling the truth, and keepin’ it on the real. The kids are making progress, because they’re telling the truth.”

“This ain’t the streets. You don’t have to lie to ‘kick it.’”

“I see you. And I know you want to make a difference.”

“You got to believe and trust in somebody. It may as well be me.”

“No one is perfect. We make mistakes. We just can’t continue to make the same mistakes. If you speak it you won’t make the same mistake again.”