Norwayne Boxing Gym creates champions inside and outside the boxing ring.  Just a few highlights...

Meeting Rama Mwenesi, UofM boxer
Norwayne Boxing Gym boxers got to meet their university heroes at the Bridges Beyond Boxing event in September 2019.
Norwayne at Bridges Beyond Boxing
Team Norwayne Boxing Gym took on the Ireland team at Bridges Beyond Boxing. Three medalists will travel to Ireland in May to Compete.
Congratulations to the champ!
Next stop the bout in Ireland! Well, maybe not the NEXT stop. There will be a few more fights before May!
Coach Wade of Norwayne Boxing Gym
Coach keeps the Norwayne Boxing Gym fighters pumped for the win.
Jirair wins his rounds
Nice job, champ!
Sean Buza... Great bout!
Sean took home a Best of Mowtown belt.
Team that fought the hardest
Sean in the moment of victory
Best action at Best of Motown
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