Norwayne Boxing Gym takes at-risk kids and transforms them into winning athletes. But first and foremost it shapes them into winning people. People who may never throw a punch or face a contender, but who have learned the discipline, the drive, the confidence and the work ethic it takes to win in life. The same qualities it takes to win in the ring. 



Jeff is the founder and CEO of Arrow Strategies, a nationwide staffing and recruiting firm. But before that, Jeff was a professional boxer with a record of 11-0. Inspired at the age of 13 when he went to see the movie “Rocky,” Jeff set off on a path to learn how to become a professional boxer. First in his backyard getting beat up by just about every neighborhood kid. And later at an inner-city Detroit boxing gym where he suffered his first knockout. A defining moment. From there he went on to earn his gloves winning match after match in the amateurs, in the U.S. Marine Corps, and finally as a pro. At the pinnacle of his career, his inner voice said, “Jeff, you’re done.” And that was it. He boxed two more matches, won, gave up his sponsorships and moved on.


Years later as a successful business leader in the community, it dawned on him that the skills he used in boxing where the same ones that helped him build a nationally recognized business. Let’s share that. And so Norwayne Boxing Gym was born.

Executive Director

Jan Mnich has a heart of gold and at Norwayne Boxing Gym it is her job to keep the place operating and programs happening so kids can dream dreams and make them come alive. There’s hardly a day when one of the kids doesn’t strike the heart strings of Jan. She believes in this mission that much. Before finding her true calling, Jan was a business owner and creator of communications including graphics and video.


Jan had a great career, but helping kids transform their lives and watching them move ever closer to their dreams is, well, a dream come true.

Head Coach

Coach Wade is the guy. He’s the guy who tells it like it is. The guy that pushes you. The guy that through it all you know cares. He’s the one that kids open up to, the one they trust. And by the way this former professional boxer is an amazing trainer, with champions to his credit. He also was selected in 2018 as a Golden Gloves national coach. But whether kids box or they don’t Coach Wade is about getting kids in shape, physically and mentally. His popular Kickin’ It With Coach Wade sessions on Friday keep it real and provide a safe place where kids can talk, really talk about the issues they face.


Words don’t do Coach justice. You have to experience him. He is an energy, a force that inspires kids to achieve. He lets them know athletics and academics go hand in hand. And that community and leadership is expected. Stop by the gym. You’ll be inspired... and become a fan.


Assistant Coach

Tay grew up on the East Side of Detroit, and life wasn't easy there. He knows first-hand the struggles many of Detroit's young people experience today. He had no male figure in his life, so rather than just be angry about that, he decided to use his life circumstances to help others who are like him. Today, he's that male figure who can be 100 about anything you face: inside or outside of the gym. He has taken on enormous responsibility and shown his commitment to being a strong male role model for his kids and others. He's proof that hard times make for a strong character and lifelong wins.


Tay is a guy who's been there. Who has lived the challenges you're living. He's a tough trainer and demands discipline. Count on him to be in your corner as an accomplished boxer, coach, mentor and leader. Stop in and spend some time with Tay.

Trainer/IT Coordinator

Jess started boxing with the University of Michigan team in October 2017. Through the team, she also began working with her coach, Akio Miller, and by May 2018 she was a USIBA national champion and a Detroit Golden Gloves champion. She graduated from U of M in 2018 with a B.S. in Information, specializing in data analytics. She currently works as a data engineer when she's not in the gym training and helping the kids.


Jess believes whole-heartedly in the mission of Norwayne Boxing Gym and loves seeing the progress her kids make both in the ring and outside it. She's a fighter and a competitor who knows how to inspire greatness. It's in you! You just have to meet Jess!

Social Media Coordinator

Janelle is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a B.S. in Psychology. In addition,
she has over 20 years’ experience, with a focus on marketing, operations, and customer service. She volunteers as the housing coordinator for Crash Detroit. 


Janelle came to Norwayne Boxing Youth Program with a love for the sport of boxing and a passion for working with kids. She is training to be an assistant coach and has taken on all social media coordinating duties to keep the community involved in the lives and accomplishments of the NBG kids. Keep looking out for Janelle's posts on your favorite social media sites!


Call or visit. Let's hear from you. We want you to be part of Norwayne Boxing Gym!

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